What is that?

Past Perfect Tbilisi - is a 1,5-hour headphone-tour along Tbilisi. 


Together we will walk through quiet yards and crowded streets. We will go under the ground and climb the spiral staircases. 


You will see all the best sights and uncharted trails. Our starting point is - Rike Park near the Bridge of Peace.


You will find out how tall the founder of Tbilisi was. How khinkali and war are connected. And how Tbilisi locals entertained themselves, until Play Station was invented! :-)

This is just the beginning - the best is yet to come! If you are first time in Tbilisi – throw out your city-guide and go for a walk with us! You will learn a lot of interesting facts that you will never read on Wikipedia! ;-)


                 What do you need to know?

What is Past Perfect Tbilisi?

It is extremely unusual and fascinating tour around the historical center of Tbilisi. You will get headphones and voice in it will lead you through quiet streets and crowded squares, through time and distance. Along the way you can find interesting facts about the past and present of Tbilisi, about people, culture, way of life, customs and traditions of the capital of Georgia.


You will pass about 4 kilometers in 1,5 hours. This special route is created especially for you!

What is the price?

Our tour costs 20 USD (18 EUR). It should be paid in cash before the start of the tour at the time of check-in due to the pre-registration lists.


You can pay in USD/EUR/Lari, prepare the amount without change!

Is it interesting for me?

If you are for the first time in Tbilisi - our tour is the best way to get acquainted with the city and its inhabitants.


If you have already visited the Georgian capital, our unusual walk in headphones will for sure pleasantly surprise you with new facts and bring positive emotions.


If you are going to Past Perfect Tbilisi as a company of 10 or more people (wedding, corporate event, business trip) – use e-mail info@perfect-past.com or call +995 568 765 278 to book a convenient time and have a special price!


Also our tour is an excellent way for team-building or other special occasions. 

I am ready! What's next?

Please, book your tour using the registration form below. Fill in all fields of the form, choose the date and number of participants and then click on the "send" button. We will reply you as soon as possible and confirm your participation.


Then just come to the meeting point at the appointed time. We will send it to your specified phone number. Just in case, we meet in Rike park, on benches opposite the «2 pipes» (Cultural Center).

Are there any restrictions?

We will walk along the narrow and winding streets of the Old City for 1,5 hours. It's about 4 kilometers by an unhurry walking pace. The maximum number of participants is 15 people. We want everyone to have fun and be comfortable!


Under the above-mentioned conditions, our tour, unfortunately, is not suitable for the less mobile groups of people. Elderly people and pregnant women are asked to assess their physical abilities before entry to participate, because our path will not always be easy.


Children under 8 years can take our tour for free, accompanied by adults. Please do not take children in the baby carriage on tour – it will be uncomfortable, and sometimes completely impossible. Children over 8 years take part in the tour on general terms. 

Something esle?

Please, come in a comfortable clothes and shoes. Do not forget the hat and mittens in winter, and a cap and a bottle of water in summertime.

I visited your tour and I liked it!

Then give us a few more minutes and leave your feedback on TripAdvisor or Google Maps. It is very important for us! Thank you!

Who are we?

We are Manana and Oleg. Not long ago, we also were tourists in Tbilisi, just like you. But then we realized that we no longer want to leave this country.


This is how «Past Perfect Tbilisi» project was started. It took a year to collect all the necessary information.


We went 100 000 steps, exploring the city along and across the road, looking for the most interesting and fascinating route.


We put together city legends, funny stories, unknown facts and then multiplied it by our love for Tbilisi. From this ideal equation, we got an ultimate khinkali burning excursion.


In our humble opinion, Past Perfect Tbilisi is the best way to begin acquaintance with this amazing city!


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